Are you looking for presets for horse, dog and animal photography in general? I’ve got something for you! When I started with animal photography many years ago, I obviously also wanted to learn editing. I still remember the first times I opened Photoshop and closed it right away – incredibly complicated. At some point I attended a basic course and started to understand what layers and masks are. Soon after, I found myself investing hours to learn everything about image editing. In Photoshop you can spend an incredible amount of time, the possibilities are almost unlimited. But eventually I discovered Lightroom – and I still love it today! It’s my main tool today, I use Photoshop only for retouching, the rest is done in Lightroom. Everything goes so incredibly fast! I bought my first presets a few months after, and a whole new world opened up. Presets have two key advantages for me:


  • Saving time! You’re so incredibly fast and don’t have to apply the basic settings to each image individually. Applying a preset and a few subtle tweaks are usually enough to achieve an amazing look.
  • A consistent look! If you edit each image individually, it’s almost impossible to get the same color tones every time. I think it’s very important that the look of your images is consistent at least within a series of photos. It’s even better when a photographer manages to create a consistent look throughout his work.

Again and again I bought different preset packs, most of them were developed for wedding photography. Eventually I started to develop my own presets for horse photography and dog photography – custom-built  for animal photographers! Of course you can use the presets for other genres as well, but they contain exactly the look I like to use for my horse or dog photography: warm colors, soft greens (who likes saturated greens?! 🙂 ) and nice contrasts. The presets can be used in Lightroom as well as in Photoshop. The pack contains a total of 36 presets, in 9 different groups, each with different variations. This is to ensure that there is a suitable preset for every image – regardless of the lighting situation, colors or contrasts in the original image. Additionally there is a video tutorial of about 50min in which I show how to apply the presets and how to tweak them efficiently with just a few clicks.

On Instragram I always share new before-and-after pictures and also many other animal photographers have shared pictures edited with the presets, I am always very happy about that! I love the color look that they can create by using the presets. You can find some examples under #tierfotografiepresetsbytr or #animalphotographypresetsbytr

Questions? Send me a message! Otherwise I am happy about feedback or shared or sent pictures! You can purchase the presets here – no matter if you do horse photography, dog photography, animal photography in general, or something completely different.