ENG – Lightroom & Photoshop Presets for animal, horse and dog photography



Lightroom & Photoshop Presets for animal, dog and horse photography

Editing is my great passion, and based on years of testing and learning I have developed my very first collection of Lightroom presets (also usable for Photoshop / Adobe Camera Raw). A total of 36 presets (9 presets in different variations, adapted to different lighting situations), mainly developed for horse and dog photography, or animal photography in general. My look is warm and rich in contrast, but doesn’t like too many funky, saturated colors.

Why Presets? That’s quite simple! There are two main advantages which will absolutely change your “life quality” as an editor: You save an infinite amount of time – and you can create a coherent, consistent look! I don’t want to miss it anymore!

Together with the presets you get a video editing tutorial for Lightroom (in English, duration: 55min) in which I show you what I had in mind when developing the presets, how I use them personally and above all how you can adapt them so that they look good on pretty much any image.

Looking forward to see your results!!!



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